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Anonymous: do you have the video from where you got the audio for nagi x sho i love hot 2

I have the video, you can download it here :3

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Anonymous: Hey,could u tell me the name of the movie where Nagito is the "seme" in the relation??

Of course =)
The JGV is called nagito erotic idol :3

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Anonymous: (Same anon that was asking about Gokan Rape a couple Minutes ago) Or could you post a couple more scenes on xvideos?

Same there, we had an xvideos account, but we deleted it due to copyright laws. MAYBE I will put it for some time for Download on Rapidshare or whenever, but only maybe. :)

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Anonymous: Is there anyway you could post a couple of scenes of Gokan Rape on Tumblr? I've been trying to find it for ages but apparently finding it is really hard?

Well, as gifs yes :)
But whenever I upload videos on Tumblr, Tumblr deletes them because It’s forbidden to post porn, what is.. well, really stupid because Tumblr is full of porn :D

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Anonymous: Hey do you have video of rape?

Well NOT from REAL rape, to put it right.
But I have a Porn called Gokan Rape, I think the name speaks for itself :)
Saddly it’s been a while when I downloaded it and I lost the page, so maybe you search for it in google? :3

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